Friday 16th June


19:00 - 23:00 | £12.00

RareNoiseRecords presents GAUDI – ALLSTARS ORCHESTRA at the Borderline, Soho.

To celebrate the release on his new album ‘Magnetic’ on RareNoiseRecords, GAUDI will be performing the whole album with his new band project, the ALLSTARS ORCHESTRA.

GAUDI–ALLSTARS ORCHESTRA is the new band project by worldwide respected musician and dub-producer GAUDI.

With more than three thousand live concerts performed in his 35 years of career, touching every continent and rocking audiences in an impressive array of venues from festival main stages to slick city clubs, GAUDI with his solo formula of ‘21st Century one-man band’ has rightly earned his reputation as an incredible multi-instrumentalist and his place on the ‘must-see-live’ list.

In his live performances he delights his audiences playing the Theremin, Minimoog,  Vocoder, tape echoes, piano, percussion, multi-effects, stylophone and dub sirens, adding live dub vocals through his much treasured analogue equipment.

In his constant search for new musical avenues to explore, GAUDI has worked with many musicians and bands over the years, not always been a solo performer, he has regularly toured with different backing-bands at different points in his career.

GAUDI’s musical performances  evolved from a unique cross-over of reggae during the 80’s,  to electronica and psychedelic dub  throughout the 90’s to the 00’s, when with his live band developed a richer ’dancefloor flavored’

sound and rocked-up the electronic dance festival scene –with performances at Glastonbury, Glade and Gatecrasher in the UK, Roskilde in Denmark, Burning Man in the USA, Sunsplash, Sonica in Italy, Skol Beat in Brazil to name but a few…

Now, a decade later, after touring the world several times several as a solo artist, this fearless dub adventurer is once again donning his genre-blending boots and stepping out with his new creation, the GAUDI–ALLSTARS ORCHESTRA, a stellar lineup of top caliber musicians, that not only bring their stand-alone talents but also come with the experience of years of performing live, as members of globally respected bands such as Porcupine Tree, Lamb and Loungedelic.

The sound of the GAUDI – ALLSTARS  ORCHESTRA, while, not easy to encapsulate in just one word, could be best described as ‘krautrock meets dub meets psychedelic-electronica’.

The bass player in the GAUDI–ALLSTARS ORCHESTRA is Colin Edwin (former bassplayer of Porcupine Tree and a myriad other progressive rock and progressive jazz outfits); he has toured the world multiple times filling stadiums and concert halls and is considered by many to be one of the best living bass players in the world.

The drummer is Nikolaj Bjerre, from ‘electronica innovators’ Lamb; he’s recognized and respected by drummers worldwide for his innovative approach of fusing jazz with electronic music. His sound, both distinctive and punchy,

carries weight and power equally well both on dance floors and in the recording studio.

The guitaris, Pippo De Palma, from ’psychedelic space-rock trio’ Loungedelic, is a highly versatile and eclectic guitar player whose signature sound, best described as ‘krautrock-spacedub’, is created live on stage using vintage

effect pedals as extra instruments, manipulating them in real time in order to add a fascinating ‘rolling hypnotic movement’ to the live performance.

Dub maestro GAUDI completes the quartet with his trademark analogue setup, augmented by an extra mixer, the nerve centre to which each member of the

GAUDI-ALLSTARS ORCHESTRA is connected, allowing him to dub his musicians live in real time.  He can therefore add brand new improvised arrangements to every track throughout the show, that consists in a repertoire of new songs from his forthcoming album ‘Magnetic’ as well as  old GAUDI classics from his catalogue of 15 studio albums.

A live performance not to be missed!

14+ (Under 16s must be accompanied by an adult)

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